Top Eight Wrong Concepts As To Health Which Deeply Rooted Among People

There are many wrong concepts which should be corrected as soon as possible.

Error one: stroke 100 times every day is good for health.
Too much hair stroke will stimulate the sebaceous glands especially the ones with oily hair should reduce the times of hair stroke. If your hair is dry hair, multi-stroke is more suitable for you. Youd better stroke with natural bristle comb which will not make the scalp injury.

Error two: walking consumes more energy than standing.
The two legs would under the weight of the body all the time and the two feet can not get relaxed. However, when we are waling, one leg bears the weight and the other one can be in the relaxation.

Error three: the people whose blood is sweet are tended to be bit by mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes can not smell the smell of the blood, but they are particularly sensitive to heat, they can even tell the difference of 0.05 degree centigrade. Therefore, when we exhale carbon dioxide and water vapor, we would attract mosquitoes.

Error four: the toilet is not a sanitary place.
The toilets that are often washed are much cleaner than people can think. The experts on the bacteria of family found that much of the bacteria in the family is hiding in the inside surface of refrigerators drain pipe. The bacteria in the rag are much more than it in the toilet.

Error five: smart people have a big head.
The size of the head is not the key decision if people are smart or not. The structure of the brain is the most important. The functions of the human brain are determined by the neural network, and people with low IQ is because some of the features in that area have died, and it has no relationship with the size of the brain.

Error six: we should raise the chin when our noses are bleeding.
The only advantage of this approach is that it would not let the nosebleed flow to the floor, but it can not stop the nosebleed, instead, it would let the nosebleed flow into the throat which would cause vomiting or even choking.

Error seven: the sweet if smelling
The sweet has no taste. However, there are many organic substances which are the nutrition of the bacteria. When the bacteria begin decomposing the sweet, it will produce smelling odor.

Error eight: we should brush teeth immediately after a meal
Brush your teeth immediately after a meal would cause the erosion of enamel by the acid in food. This can only strengthen the damage effects on the teeth by the acid in the food. The right ways is gargle first then brush the teeth half an hour later.

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