Tips to Jog Yourself into Health, Fitness and Weight Loss

Jogging is a great form of exercise that boosts your energy and mood which is why so many people love it. Yet there are challenging aspects as well, such as sticking to your program day after day, week after week. You need to be careful so you don’t get injured, which will greatly hinder your progress. The following tips will help you stay motivated and healthy while jogging.

Before you start jogging, and afterwards, be sure you do proper stretching exercises. You’ll have a better experience if you stretch the right way, and you will also go far to preventing certain kinds of injuries. As you know, you’re creating sustained impact pressure and forces when you jog, and stretching will prepare your muscles for it. It’s also important to remind yourself to relax your mind and muscles while you are stretching. The entire point for stretching to to avoid injury, so don’t cause them by stretching “to impress” and proceed slowly. You should never, ever experience pain when you stretch, some tightness sure – but never pain, so don’t push it and feel pain.

It is most important to do light stretches that work the leg muscles before and after jogging.

Ok, when you start jogging, be sure to just start with slowly and increase your pace at a comfortable rate. Just jog in a relaxed and comfortable manner without excessive bounce or taking too long of a stride. Your running efficiency will be best when you’re able to maintain good posture plus you are as relaxed as possible. Jogging implies that you’re not trying to set land speed records, so just jog at a comfortable pace so your heart is not trying to pound its way out of your chest. Consider your purpose for jogging, and if it is for fun and health, then you can have that without injuring yourself by going too hard or fast, so consider why you’re doing it and adjust accordingly. Always keep your pace consistent and relaxed from the very start, excluding slow ramp up, to the end and your warm down. When you are ready to end your jog, slow down gradually so your body can cool down.

If possible, go running first thing in the morning, although you can go at any time of day. For one thing, this way you get your exercise done right away, and you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. It also helps get your day off to an energetic and productive start. Another bonus to jogging first thing is it gets your metabolism going for the day. Not to mention, in the morning the air quality tends to be better. You will have more energy to face your day if you start it with a morning jog.

If you go jogging several times a week, you can get a lot out of it. But remember to use common sense and remember to stretch, wear the right shoes, and don’t overdo it. If you pay attention to the above jogging principles, you will be able to keep up your jogging regimen all year round, and you’ll find yourself getting healthier all the time.

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