Three Tricks On Healthy Life

In the fast tempo of modern life, many people are in a state that is called sub healthy. Actually there is some easy way that can make you healthy.

Moan and groan is good for health. The Japanese psychologists have observed that when people are in sorrow they would sigh, this can make them calm. When people feel fatigue at work and study, moan and groan will make people satisfied. When in pleasant excitement, your sigh can also make you happy.

Psychologists and doctors have done an experiment. They examined the blood pressure of athlete and students before they take part in competition and test, and then let them sigh for several times. The result shows that both their systolic and diastolic blood declined. Breathing, the heart rate also slows down than before. And their psychological tension has also been improved. So, the physical health experts point out that before daily sports, several sighs will help to strengthen your respiratory muscles, and improve your respiration function. This can not only help you life spirit, but also help to promote physical activity.

Walking in the rain is also good to health. It is usual that people walk in a sunny day, but walking in the rain is now popular in some countries in Europe and America. Meteorologists believe that walking in the rain has the fitness effect that go beyond walking in a sunny. This mainly because that rain can clean the air, make road clean and make a fresh air. Besides, the setting sun shines would generate a large number of negative ions which enjoy the reputation of “air vitamin”. This can help to low blood pressure. Walking in the rain can help to eliminate the depression that caused by wet weather. As for those people without any rain gear, the drizzling rain just likes a cold bath which can help to enhance the body to adapt to the environmental change.

Evening exercise is good for health. Many people are accustomed to take exercise in the morning; they think this can boost morale. However, some health experts suggest that evening exercise is also beneficial to us. A health center in a university in America has pointed out that: human activities are subject to the “biological clock”. In a day, people’s physical maximum and minimum have a certain point. And the maximum point of people’s physical strength is mostly in evening. In addition, evening exercise after half hours of dinner can help to improve sleep.

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