The Meaning of Roses

To many women, their favorite flower is the rose because a rose is the most symbolic flower in the world.

The giving of roses carries special meaning, and the selection of the perfect rose or rose bouquet is significant. A single rose is the perfect gift for a first date, an anniversary, or just to say, “I still love you” for no occasion at all. Red roses are, of course, the ultimate symbol of love. But roses aren’t just red-they also come in beautiful hues of pink, white, yellow, orange, and lilac or purple.

White roses represent innocence and purity. Many women select white roses for their wedding and later on, a husband who remembers this and sends his wife a white rose will go a long way toward keeping her heart with a beautiful note sharing his romantic reminiscing about their special day. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate an anniversary.

On a more serious or somber note, white roses are also very appropriate for the funeral of a young child, again symbolizing purity, youth, and innocence.

Pink roses are popular for many reasons. They are infinitely feminine and girly, elegant and refined, the perfect picture of grace. A bouquet of 16 pink roses would make a beautiful statement to a beloved girl on her Sweet Sixteenth birthday. Likewise, they are often included in many wedding bouquets or bouquets sent for any reason. Alone or mixed with other flowers in pastel shades, they create a striking arrangement any woman would love.

Another favorite rose Silver Spring Maryland color is yellow. A yellow rose indicates warmth, friendship, caring, and concern. Sending a single yellow rose or a bouquet containing yellow roses is a beautiful expression of simplicity-perfect for a gift to a girlfriend on her birthday, to celebrate a new home or a new job, or to just brighten her day.

Though more difficult to find,  rose Silver Spring Maryland also come in orange and lilac or purple. Orange roses symbolize passion, energy, excitement, and desire. Any man who sends a woman a bouquet of orange roses is definitely going to get noticed!

Lilac or purple roses, on the other hand, symbolize magic and mysticism, enchantment and possibilities, infatuation and intrigue. They are a beautiful flower from a secret admirer or the perfect element in a floral bouquet to say, “Will you go out with me?”, or on Valentine’s Day, “Will you be mine?”


Flowers are quite probably one of the easiest ways to speak the language of love without words. If you’re not well versed in this language, a visit to a florist may be in order. No matter what you want to say, chances are they can help you say it with a rose silver spring, Maryland has florists that can help you express your feelings to the women of their community-or they can help you send a little love long distance with an arrangement to be delivered anywhere in the country if the woman in your life isn’t local. No matter what the occasion, they’ll help you celebrate with style.

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