The Gnostic Concept of Reincarnation

Some people had never heard of Gnosticism prior to “The Da Vinci code”. In fact, the concept might still just be the people who believe that Jesus had children. There is a lot more to Gnosticism which is overlooked by the interest on the main topics of the movie. One of them is their view on reincarnation.

The first interesting aspect is that Gnostics are Christians, meaning they do believe that Jesus was the Christ but in a different sense. They do not believe Jesus came to sacrifice himself but to show the path to the real god, the way to knowledge even at the cost of his life.

That said Gnostics revolve around human’s pursuit to attain Gnosis, the knowledge of our origin which will be revealed to people as they go from one life to another, learning more and more. God’s divine spark travels from one life to the next and carries that knowledge with it. Here they coincide with the Buddhist view on reincarnation that there is no soul or body transfer.

One of the passages in the Bible that they believe strongly substantiate their belief is Matthew 11:14 and 17:12-13 where the origin of John the Baptist is discussed and the fact that the prophet Elijah had already come back.

Regarding whether or not there is a memory of previous lives, the belief is that people do remember, especially as children. Normally this is dismissed and discouraged by concerned parents and so they forget, so throughout their life these children will remember, start questioning certain preconceived ideas and then rejoin the path to Gnosis where they left off.

Definitely some interesting concepts to begin with, there is much more available out there and even some other views within Gnosticism itself. Since their goal is to attain more knowledge they are constantly challenging their own ideas so there is always room for open discussions on all the main subjects, reincarnation being one of them.

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