“sugar Girl” Lead To The Concept Of Popular Candy Gi “eating” A New Fashion –

“Drop Sugar Girl” is the recent emergence of yet another fashionable term network, promote the health of its “micro-sugar” concept, in a time of popular network in the world. Health conscious people have their eyes on this issue, that began to have started healthy sugar, a reasonable intake of sugar, an new concept of life in the low GI sugar under the new fashion quietly rising.

“Sugar Girl” lead to the concept of popular candy GI “eating” a new fashion

“Sugar Girl” concept of hot lead to changes in GI sugar gradually into the public view

“Drop sugar sister” is derived from a network of up to people, claiming to be her sweet tooth on the network is of paramount their graceful shape, many female beauty and sweet-loving people who started to pay attention to her news, and to seek remedy to their thin, she claims, “Micro-sugar”?? low GI Diet Ideas are slowly approaching the public’s perspective.

Past the traditional public impression, more sugar can be converted to fat in the body, leading to weight gain, even a number of disease-induced factors. The traditional understanding is now being “Drop Sugar Girl” by the subversive concept of low GI. Nutrition expert Professor Yang Yuexin said: “The right amount of sugar is harmless, the key is to master science ‘moderate’ this ‘degree’. GI theory is a way to master degree.”

In fact, both the “drop sugar sister” concept of low-GI diet, or nutrition expert GI (GlycemicIndex) theory is a kind through a variety of foods glycemic index measuring the way, with a reasonable diet, to ensure healthy living diet theory. “I was eating followed the principles of this science, so slim and healthy body can have.” “Drop Sugar Girl” crazy behind the sugar has a solid scientific theory to support.

“Sugar Girl” candy with coup GI concept to guide

Reporter found during the interview, “drops of sugar-mei” in the diet is very familiar with, she often uses the theory of GI food choices. She said the network: “controls do not necessarily depend on body Lose weight It should be noted with meals. For example in the selection of the food, more food choices with lower GI values. Or high-GI in the choice of dessert Food Time, to choose low-GI foods as fructose with and support. This is very beneficial for health. “

It is understood that “sugar drops sister” is sugar, but also the pursuit of healthy low GI sugar. Her daily consumption of sugar, mostly sucrose GI value of less than 1 / 3 of the fructose. “Because of this more healthy.” Sugar sister advocate “Even sugar, and eat more healthy.”

“Drop sugar sister” of the diet caused by the concept of the network had a tremendous impact, not only to allow themselves to be a sugar expert, but also help people maintain the correct sugar outlook. She said she would like the public to “not addicted to sugar, such as life, but it does not need to ‘talk about sugar, the mere mention of’.”

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