Selling Books And Magazines On EBay

Of all the items sold on eBay, selling books is the easiest and most profitable. Listing books and magazines is easier than most other items as the site helps you provide ready information about the number of pages, copyright details and pictures of the books to facilitate easy selling.  The only effort you have to put is describing the condition of the book, and you are ready to sell.


If you are concerned about how to find books to sell on eBay, the answer is easy. If you have a collection of your own, you can consider putting them up for sale. Also keep a watch for announcements of library sales. They sell books in lots at throwaway prices. Thrift shops are also good places to buy books real cheap. However, you must ensure that there are no missing pages or stains or mold on the books.


You also have to ensure that you have the ISBN number of the book to put on the stored information page on eBay. The ISBN number is of 13 digits in newer books and 10 digits in the older ones. They are usually printed above the barcode on the back cover. In some books, they are found on the inside flap or printed on the copyright page. When putting up the books for sale, it is necessary to give accurate information about the condition of the book such as torn jackets or creased covers so that buyers know beforehand what to expect.


It is important to get your pricing exact while selling books and magazines on eBay. Profits from selling books on eBay come from selling them in volumes. You must know the going rate for your merchandise, in this case the books and the category where they can be listed to attract the maximum inquiries. The price must include the cost of postage and the commissions that you are required to pay. The margin must be good enough to cover all your overhead expenses and leave you with a good profit margin.


As much as possible, try to list books that look new and attractive. Of course, when you source your books from thrift shops and other similar stores, there is bound to be some amount of wear and tear. Try not to get too many of these books in your stock unless it is a popular title or a rare edition. Consistently delivering on quality can help you get good feedback. This can help you compete with others on a different level – one not driven solely by prices. It can make a positive difference on your profits.


As compared to other online selling sites, eBay offers better flexibility. You can sell your book on auctions or at a fixed price depending on your convenience. You can experiment with different keywords for your listings to attract the right audience. When you list on eBay, your store inventory is directly linked to, as well as Froggle, giving them a wider exposure. It is more profitable to sell books and magazines on eBay than any other site.

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