Know About The Different Types Of Mattresses For A Healthy Lifestyle

Choosing the correct mattress is essential for a healthy living and clinical research has proved it a long time ago, that using an improper mattress can give rise to ailments like joint pain, lower back pain and shoulder pain, which over time can cause serious physical distress in the form of spondylosis and arthritis. So it is essential that you know about the different types of mattress available in the market so that you know what to buy, according to your sleeping habits and to sooth any physical ailments that you may be having. If you have a problem, choosing for yourself than you may also seek expert advice that will be able to recommend you the correct mattress according to your body type and any other special needs. The most regularly used ones are Air Mattresses and Foam Mattresses.

Air Mattresses: Like in every other aspect, latest research has brought in a variety of mattresses in the market that are developed in keeping with the requirements that our modern lifestyle demands. Long hours of sitting stiffly in the office chair can give rise to lower back pain and so while sleeping a firm mattress is required which can provide the adequate support. An air mattress is inexpensive and is quire firm and comfortable. It has air chambers or pockets instead of the conventional springs and wit cotton exteriors and added cushions for comfort. One of the major advantages of these mattresses is that specific ones for medical use automatically inflate and deflate some of its chambers by themselves, reducing the pressure on any particular area of the body for a prolonged period. Patients who cannot move by themselves are given such mattresses.

Foam Mattresses: Foam Mattresses use latex that very easily takes the shape of the body lying on it. Hence, it gives very good support and the use of flexi- foam instead of the conventional springs cushions the body with comfort. The additional layers of cushions make it soft but since the quality of the foam varies a considerable degree, the price of these mattresses too varies. But since a good memory foam mattress if maintained properly, that is without too much of harsh use, can last up to 15 or 20 years, investing on a good one will be cheaper and beneficial in the long run. Prevent it form sagging and keeping flipping it every few months or so, air it occasionally in the sunshine and there is a good chance that one good foam mattress will serve you for your lifetime.

So when you go out for Mattresses shopping next time, just give a through check to the mattress you are buying and whether it suits your living, and you will have a safe and good nights sleep.

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