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Children’s Mattresses is the leading UK manufacturer of baby and children’s mattresses. They are the specialists for newborn baby, toddler and children’s mattresses and they provide their customers with almost any size or shape in any type of mattress to meet their personal needs.

Government bodies & Health officials advise the use of a new mattress with every child and Children’s Mattresses is an excellent source for each new addition to the family.

At Children’s Mattresses every team member aims to make the company the best in the business, and they pride themselves on putting as much time and effort into creating a child’s mattress as the baby’s own parent would.

A point of pride for Children’s Mattresses is the quality they use in the manufacturing of their products. Baby & Children’s Mattresses Online specialise solely in the manufacturing of children’s mattresses without the use of nasty and unnecessary fire retardants such as antimony, phosphorous and arsenic which is often found in other mattresses.

Another thing that sets Childrens mattresses apart from the competition is their easily removable covers that make washing quick and simple.

It is also important to note that they do not simply produce small versions of adult mattresses but rather create mattresses that are specialised for Children’s and Babies unique needs.

They offer a wide range of products to choose from including foam, spring and natural fibre mattresses, all of which are available in every size and shape possible. They also have a large selection of mattress coverings. Recent additions include organic cotton, XStatic with pure silver fibres which prevents MRSA & EColi, Aloe-vera infused with microcapsules of lavender, natural bamboo.

The entire manufacturing process is carried out in house at their factory in Lancashire, England. They create all their products from the raw materials. The procedure includes manufacturing steel springs, cutting down foam from the raw foam slab, the sewing, the packing and the distribution, all of which enables them to have 100% quality and production control of your child’s new mattress. are experts in kids mattress, childrens mattress, and kids mattresses.

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