Facts About a Rebounder

The health and fitness market is overwhelmed with exercise machines, equipment and tools of varying sizes, shapes, complexity of use and promised benefits. Most can be found in local gyms and fitness centers where people can use them anytime as regular monthly-paying members.

Others who prefer to do their exercise routines and are more particular about a certain exercise regimen would settle at purchasing one or two pieces of exercise equipments and use them within the comforts of their homes.

One simple piece of exercise equipment that is gaining the attention of more people is the mini trampoline, also known as rebounder. Why it’s become a more attractive exercise equipment alternative can be gleaned from these simple facts:

• It measures around 9 inches in height and 3 feet in diameter. This means convenience of use and less space taken up, whether it is being used at home or anywhere else, or being kept in a closet or corner of a room after being used.

• It is safe, effective and provides simple, rhythmic exercises which anyone, old or young, can benefit from. Users can bounce up and down over this equipment within their own level of comfort by using simple controlled bouncy movements or versatile maneuvers.

• NASA released a thorough study about their own astronauts who used this equipment for strengthening exercises and found it to be 68 percent effective and is safe from ankle and knee injuries compared to a regular jogging exercise where these parts of the lower body often suffer stress from the impact created with the consistent contact with a solid surface like a concrete road or asphalt.

• Exercises performed on this equipment make for a well-coordinated body movement which equally distributes the effects of the exercise on all parts of the body, relieving any possible stress on certain parts of the body, unlike with jogging that has a more solid impact that can result in possible injury on the knees and joints.

• The equipment supports the body’s lymphatic system which results in the effective release of toxins. The cells in the lymphatic system are dependent on adequate physical exercise to feed on proper nutrients while releasing the toxic wastes of the body. A consistent flow or movement of the lymph system brought on by sufficient exercise can prevent toxins from staying in the body and prevent the development of diseases such as cancer, arthritis and and other degenerative diseases.

• This equipment helps users to effectively lose weight by burning calories of 100 to 280 in a single 30-minute exercise, depending on the weight and exertion. The upper arms, legs, thighs, hips and abdomen will also be more toned after a few sessions.

• It can lower users’ cholesterol level; boost the stamina, agility, endurance, energy level; raise the capacity level of the lungs and heart; prevent cardiovascular diseases; as well as build up one’s physical strength.

While this piece of exercise equipment may appear very simple and even unimpressive to some, the benefits that it can give to its users are certainly exponential and are expected to be very helpful.

It is also flexible as even the elderly, the handicapped, or disabled can use them with the help of a stabilizing bar that can be connected to the equipment. Some seasoned fitness buffs even use one as a supporting equipment to their regular exercise routine.

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