Detox Your Body And Increase Ypur Health And Fitness Levels Immediately

Due to the fact that television over the past few years has been filled with people preaching the benefits of colonic irrigation and drinking a combination of weird and wonderful vegetables you’ve never heard of before, the word detox has come to be thought of by many as somewhat of an unsavoury one.

Yet whilst there’s a lot of proof colonic irrigation and drinking pureed versions of certain vegetables does in fact help your body, if you want to detox and give yourself a boost to kick start your healthy living regime, there are other ways to do so.

First of all, you need to start drinking water; around two litres a day (approximately eight glasses), in fact.

It might seem like a lot, but if you sit and plan when you’re going to drink it throughout the day, you’ll soon realise just how easy it is.

For example, if you have a glass when you wake up and a glass before you go to sleep, that leaves just six. Have one with every main meal, which leaves just three – one with a snack in the morning and one with a snack in the afternoon, that’s one left to fit in anywhere you can.

When you start drinking this level of water on a daily basis (and only this level – drink a lot more if you don’t need it and it can start to have adverse effects), you’ll find that not only do you feel less hungry, but you’re hair and skin will look healthier and you’ll be more alert and ready for what the world throws at you.

Next, you need to reduce the amount of carbs you have, preferably limiting any large intake of them to just one meal a day.

Carbohydrates are the food group that helps your body store fats for use at a later time and therefore if you eat too many – and don’t work them off – your body will retain them, which will in turn help keep any other foods you eat from being digested and turned into energy quicker.

If you do want to eat a lot of carbs, try and do so before you attend, for instance, a gym in Birmingham, as not only will you burn them off, but you’ll also be able to exercise for longer due to the increased energy that they provide.

Finally, you need to start exercising.

No matter if you’re planning on going to a gym in Birmingham five times a week when you start getting fit and healthy properly in a few weeks time or you’re simply planning on walking more as part of your routine, you’ll find it easier if you start on a basic level now, rather than throwing yourself in at the deep end later on, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

Plus, being out in the fresh air and getting the blood pumping will make you feel refreshed and more awake, often reducing any lethargic feelings you may have throughout the day.

Kick start your healthy eating regime by giving your body a detox and ensuring it’s prepared for what’s to come – you really will feel the benefits if you do.

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