Concept Houses via Microsoft

Houses are the place where there is lots of electronic equipment used for the daily purposes for members in a family. However, Microsoft believes that they can make some concept houses become true in the near future. To be specific, in these concept houses of the future, all electronic devices can be connected and directly serve each individual, and such houses have the ability to exchange information with the real time. Perhaps, this impressive idea may become true if Microsoft can implement such plan in reality. Let’s have an overall look at such concept houses as follows:


Environmentally friendly house is a good option for most people



Every recipe will be displayed on the table and even will be spoken loud by a microphone



The screen on the wall can display the nutrition mode and the medical plan



The table in the dining room may also become a commercial center at home



The eating table will be personalized and will be covered with lots of funny pictures



The wireless charger is also a device to check health



A touch screen can display calendars, meetings, or messages


A flat display offers information about health, so the owners can go to the doctor if urgent




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I prefer this idea, which gives people a new style for their houses and may contribute to the action of protecting the environment

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