Chronic Fatigue – New Concepts in Understanding This Disease

The medical diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is complex due to its similarity to other ill-defined disorders including fibromyalgia, Gulf War Syndrome, and Sjogren’s Syndrome. There’s a significant overlap between the symptoms associated with each of these conditions.

CFS is considered by medicine today to be a subclass of chronic fatigue. This condition is characterized by the lack of defining symptoms that allow for a medical diagnosis. The pathology and causes of these fatigue syndromes are unknown.

Only 1-2% of patients with chronic fatigue receive a diagnosis of CFS. CFS patients suffer from:

* disabling fatigue

* headaches

* concentration and memory problems

Additional symptoms include:

* sore throats

* tender lymph nodes

* skeletal muscle pain

* feverishness

* sleep disturbances

* psychiatric problems

Due to these complaints, people often face social problems, loss of jobs, and the break-up of marriages. Although these symptoms are often less severe in one with chronic fatigue (no diagnosis), the complications of living with this condition are similar to CFS (diagnosed).

Chronic Fatigue Causes are Multi-Factorial and Defy One-Cause-Fits-All Descriptions

Scientists and medical doctors are desperately trying to unravel the mysteries of these conditions which disrupt the lives of so many millions of people. Fatigue is one of the major conditions suffered by the vast majority of the population.

One interesting new piece of research about Gulf War Syndrome was the notion that vaccines administered to soldiers, such as anthrax, caused the condition. It has been shown that viruses and vaccines induce an immune system response that does not turn off. What follows is a chronic activation of the immune system that’s clinically expressed as the symptoms of CFS.

What’s interesting about this observation is that it supports the arguments of many parents of autistic children that vaccines were a prime factor in the cause of autism. The medical establishment and government, however, have squashed these assertions.

Maybe taking a page out of non-medical treatments for autism, including the use of immune system builders such as colostrum, may be a good move. This points the way to the use of many unapproved-by-medicine treatments that rely on stimulating the body’s natural healing response rather than the current over-reliance on prescription medicines.

It’s clear that chronic fatigue and CFS patients possess an immune system imbalance. There is decreased function in:

* NK cells

* macrophages

* other immune system markers

Yet, there is no clear link between abnormal immunity and CFS. That’s what makes this whole subject so difficult to define and leads one to realize that only out-of-the-box solutions are workable to help provide relief for those who suffer from chronic fatigue.

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