Build Fitness And Friendship In The Team With Soccer 7’s

One of the worlds most popular sports played among two teams comprising of eleven players is soccer (also called football). As there are two sides of a coin, similarly many people have a different approach towards this game and fail to get clarity behind its success. Soccer 7s is an attempt to give clarity to peoples approach and make them understand the reason behind the success of this sport. This even assists people to enjoy thereby helping them to meet and get along with new people.

There are only two key differences in the rules of soccer and soccer 7s. As known by almost everyone in soccer, there are eleven players in each team whereas as the name suggests, soccer 7s has seven players in each team. The other foremost distinction among the two is that soccer 7s does not have any offside rule as compared to the traditional soccer. Many people who are new to the soccer does not like this offside rule and feel this to be a confusing one. This also proves to be the essence of most contentious decisions in the matches. Therefore, people find soccer 7s to be easier and fascinating to play as compared to the traditional soccer due to the non-existence of the offside rule.

A 2-2-2 formation is often utilized by various coaches of soccer 7s when the side games are held. In such games, similar numbers of players are positioned in each place with a view to cover the entire field. On the contrary, a 2-3-1 formation is played by the other coaches who aspire to control the midfield. In this form, the abilities of goal scoring lie with the single striker. Furthermore, there has been a tremendous increase in the popularity of soccer 7s around the globe. Its tournaments have been taken place throughout the world like China, United Kingdom etc. People aged between 5 years to 45 years and above are permitted to participate in such tournaments.

People who take part in such tournaments consider it to be important and do not consider soccer 7s as a professional sport. They usually play it for fun and the passion that they have for the game. Traditional soccer involves a huge amount of money which is absent in case of soccer 7s. Established and the new players both enjoy playing soccer 7s for fun only. As the emphasis laid down by soccer 7s is mostly on the fun aspect, it fascinates those who wish to remain fit by playing this fun loving game.

In todays modern scenario, everyone is conscious about their look and personality and search for different ways by which they can remain in shape and look fit. Soccer 7s proves to be one of the easiest, fastest and fun ways of shedding the extra kilos. One can even meet different people and make new friends. If you have the passion for the game and wish to be a part of it, just tighten up your boots and get going.

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