Article Writing Help – How to Write 10 Articles a Day

Article marketing can be an incredibly profitable and laser targeted method of driving traffic. The problem for most people is that you have to actually do it. Article spinning does not work, it is time-consuming and ineffective. PLR articles do not work because most directories will not accept them. Outsourcing your articles is very expensive and since they are not your articles, are not as sharply targeted.

Here are a few tips for writing many of your own, very effective articles.

1. Have your ideas planned out ahead of time. The best way to achieve this is to carry a notebook with you when you go somewhere. Using this method, you will be able to write down your thoughts in advance. How many people sit down at their computer only to stare at the blank screen. Then begin surfing the ‘net and never end up creating any articles.

2. Write the body of your ten articles first. You have your topic ideas now simply flesh them out with about 200 words of article body. If one of your titles is “4 steps to whatever” then it would be easy simply average about 50 words per step. By the way, article titles such as “4 steps”, “5 tips” are the easiest to create by far. You are writing no introduction and no summaries at this stage, you simply want 10 article bodies. This might take about 1-2 hours depending on your typing speed, if it takes longer, you just need more practice. Be patient it will come.

3. Take a break. You have worked hard up to this point, you need your rest. I’m not just being sarcastic, using your creativity is just as tiring as hard physical work. Decide ahead of time how much rest your require. Personally, a simple rule that I have used for myself all my life is a fifteen minute break every hour. The problem is that if you do not set a time limit for yourself, you will be more inclined to resist getting back to work.

4. Get back to work, this is the easy part. Simply fill in all the summaries and introductions, and submit your articles.

And there you have it, ten articles a day.

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