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Article Demon is new software by Edwinsoft — maker of the well-known Bookmarking Demon. The concerns on plenty of marketers mind’s is “how is the plan?”

We’ll, I’ve been using the plan for a few days now and I’m fairly impressed with how great the plan is. I’m normally not a large fan of directory submission software as the high quality of this kind of software is typically pretty low. But I have to say, Article Demon is pretty very good software — as marketing software goes. There are fairly a Article Demon review posts floating about on the web proper now.

Now there are a few complaints I have with the plan I desire to tackle in this Article Demon review. For one, the quantity of directories that it is possible to submit to is pretty minimal. This may possibly be a difficulty for some — it was for me. The competing program, Article Marketing Robot, includes over 1500 directories to submit to. Nonetheless, Article Demon, proper out of the box, only comes with 100 directories. This is not really good.

Now the one saving grace right here is you’ll be able to really add more directories to the default list. This tends to make the plan as great (or bad) as you want to create it. Nevertheless, I personally recommend you don’t even take a look at the plan unless of course you are prepared to place some great time and effort into putting together a good list of directories. In situation you do not, you will not see a lot of results whenever you really do attempt submitting articles.

My last perform on the program is the fact that it is well worth the original investment, but only for individuals willing to really really worth with the software.

Several ultimate notes. Article Marketing Robot is the suggested alternative to Article Demon. I’ve employed both and personally, I feel Article Demon is far better software fingers down. Article Marketing Robot is much less polished in both the interface and the usage. Nonetheless, it is half the price of Article Demon.

Maybe once the maker of the software offer a bigger discount, I would be one of the first people buying.  For now though, I would have to keep on saving money to buy the latest Article Demon.

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