AI Software Key Wording Versus Human Key Wording For Online Articles

Currently, online article authors generally choose their own key words when posting Internet articles to article directory sites. Some sites do not have this option, but many of the best ones do. Still, we know that there is quite a bit of guessing that goes on with article authors as to which key words they choose.

For instance, over the past four years I’ve written 16,000 articles and I’ve been choosing my own keywords, but it took me a good 5,000 articles before I became proficient at key-wording. So, let’s say we went back and allowed an artificial intelligent agent (software) pick the keywords for my previous work. The question then is:

“Would the AI software do better with the search engines and getting those articles rated higher in the search results?”

Now, I’d like to think that I am hot stuff when it comes to picking keywords, especially after doing so many and attaining millions of article views, but in reality we know that a well designed algorithm coupled with some decent Artificial Intelligent software to choosing those words would most likely beat my best efforts over all by 20-50%. That is not to say that I might get lucky now and again, rather it is just facing reality.

I do believe that a software program, like the ones that visually display the most used words in a graphic, seem to be quite good at choosing key words and the overall topic of a piece of writing. As I understand it, those articles with 500 or more words do best with the AI software, but I also believe that 250 word minimum word articles also will get a boost over their human counterpart picks on average. Please think on this.

Additionally, being a fan of Alan Turing’s work and all the AI specialists at the top of the food chain today, it seems, I do trust the software in this case, no it’s not foolproof, but, I believe it is better than I could do or dare I say it; better than you can do. Think on this.

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