7 Best Ways To Further Improve Your Articles

Many people dont enjoy the notion of writing. Some think that its too much work that goes to waste when their works are never read. One the other hand, there are folks who dont enjoy reading either. They think that reading is uninteresting and exhausting. Whatever other people think, if you want to write, then write regardless. The internet is a big place; someone somewhere WILL read what youve written. We all have something to say that is of value to someone else.

So how do you lure people to go over what youve written? Aside from how appealing it is, it has to be easy to read. Making a good article doesn’t have to be arduous. You just need to be attentive of some points that would be wise to follow. Once you get used to it, writing could be fun, as well as advantageous for you and your site.

To start off, write about something you know, or have understanding first hand. It may also be about something youve studied about comprehensively. You may write about your opinions on a certain theme, or your own experiences. Whatever the case may be, your article will flow better when you write about something you know something about to a certain level.

Here are some guidelines to make your articles better formatted and easier to read:

1) Paragraph length.
Would you agree that when presented with a long paragraph, you tend to subconsciously forget whatever it is youre reading? The rule is, if you can get to the point as soon as you can while being as plain and brief as you can, then do so. Dont get carried away with how good you can express yourself, unless youre writing a book or a how-to article.

2) Use bullets.
When you need to point out or stress some items, use bullets and numbers. Your readers will then easily recognize each point compared to keeping it in a sentence or paragraph form. Make sure to indent your bullets to make them more visible and noticeable.

3) Use Sub-headings per point.
If you want to make a number of points, use sub-headings to break each point into sections that will make it easy for your readers to move from one point to the next. This will also help your readers grasp the path where your article is heading.

4) Give your title some thought.
We always start from the top when reading. At the top is the title. If the title is thought-provoking enough, your readers will want to read on. Make use of statements and questions that use keywords that people are looking for. Make use of titles or headers that inform people what your article is about. You may use a how-to title such as How to do PTC to make money from home or a bold proclamation such as Make money from home by doing pay-to-click! Try to use titles that touch the emotions or address a need or want, to connect with your audience.

5) Keep it interesting.
Try to use your personal experiences and narrate about real-life situations that your readers can relate to. Make good use of figures of speech like metaphors to drive your point home. Infuse your content with wit if you can, and try to keep it light to make the reading experience pleasurable without losing the heart of the article.

6) State facts and statistics when applicable.
Using facts and figures can enhance your article because it makes it convincing. Make certain to say where you got the data and give credit where its due. This will further boost your credibility and give your article that measure of authority that readers will respect.

7) Give them what they want.
True, I said at the beginning that someone, somewhere will read your articles, as long as you write them. That remains to be true. But, if you want your articles to reach a bigger audience, write about a hot topic. Research by going to forums, see what’s the buzz in social networks, etc. Find a topic that relates to you in some way, then put a spin on it by applying your own style.

So what are you waiting for? Start writing!

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